OVERTORTURE was formed in the second half of 2011 by Magnus Martinsson (lead guitar), Fredrik Widigs (drums), Joel Fornbrant (vocals) and Jonas Torndal (bass), known from bands like Grave, Coldworker, Demonical, The Ugly and Marduk. The group immediately sat out to unleash their own brand of heavy yet semi-melodic death metal upon the unsuspecting masses.

In October, after a period of intense songwriting, the ensemble put the finishing touches on eleven demo tracks and started looking around for label interest. Of the demo songs, only a rough version of ”Slaves to the Atom” ever saw a public release, but nonetheless managed to raise some interest in the burgeoning death metal troop.
The following months were spent tweaking the songs and putting some away for future use, as well as writing a couple of new ones. At this point the guys felt that the gathered material was indeed strong enough for a full album release. Yet some issues still needed resolving, like filling the vacant second guitarist position as well as finding the right label.
Headway was finally made in March of 2012, when Andreas Hemmander, previous band mate of Martinsson’s, joined OVERTORTURE as second guitarist, thus completing the lineup. An album deal was shortly afterwards inked with Apostasy Records, and Overtorture was now ready to take the next step on the path out of obscurity.

Said and done, the group cut their debut effort, sinisterly dubbed ”At the End the Dead Await”, during May and June of 2012. Produced by the band itself, the album was recorded at several locations before being handed over to Ola Englund of The Haunted for mixing and mastering. Containing ten songs of both brutality and catchiness, the effort was scheduled for an early 2013 release.

In the fall of 2012, change came to the OVERTORTURE camp in form of the departure of bass player Jonas Torndal, who felt he did not have the time to commit fully to the band. He was replaced Joakim Antman, who also played with drummer Fredrik Widigs in The Ugly.

The band did its debut gig in Stockholm on March 22nd 2013 supporting the mighty Hypocrisy. It was destined to be the only appearance with Fredrik behind the kit as he shortly afterwards quit OVERTORTURE to focus on other projects. In September the same year, having acquired a session drummer, the band did its first tour across Germany containg both headlining shows and a support slot for Nile.

After these first live excursions the group took a break from the road to find a permanent drummer as well as complete songs for the follow-up to At the End the Dead Await. Progress was made in january of 2014 when youngster Oscar Krumlinde joined the on the drumstool.

In may the same year the band had finished writing material for a new album and headed into the studio to record what was to become sophomore album ”A Trail of Death”. Though intended to be released later in 2014 some unfortunate delays caused the disc not to see a release until march 6th 2015.

”A Trail of Death” was released to good reviews from press and fans alike and was supported by a string of shows together with acts like The Curse, Volturyon and Lik, finishing the year off on a high note by opening for Bloodbath together with Facebreaker at Debaser Strand in Stockholm December 2016.