A Trail of Mass Funerals Tour 2016

Germany, get ready!
We’ll soon hit the road for a couple of dates with our buddies in LIK-Sthlm.

This tour is presented by DEAF FOREVER in co-operation with War Anthem Records, Apostasy Records and Cudgel.de 

A Trail of Mass Funerals Tour 2016
27.05. Jena, Rosenkeller
28.05. Berlin, Blackland
29.05. Osnabrück, Bastard Club
30.05. Kassel, Moshpit Crew
31.05. Hamburg, Bambi Galore

A Trail of Mass Funerals Tour 2016














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New Lyric Video feat. Karl Sanders of Nile

New lyric video for the last track on ”A Trail of Death”, with Karl Sanders (Nile) on solo guitar is now up on YouTube. Enjoy!

Our sophomore album ”A Trail of Death” out now!

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First track from ”A Trail of Death”!

If you’re looking for killer riffs, savvy hooks and dark classic death metal, say hello to Overtorture! – Blakkheim (Bloodbath / Katatonia)

”Embrace the End”, the opening track of our upcoming sophomore album ”A Trail of Death”, to be released on Apostasy Records March 6th. LP out on Supreme Chaos Records March 20th. Enjoy!

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We are extremely happy to announce that we’ll be releasing our second album, titled  A Trail of Death on March 6th via Apostasy Records. Vinyl licensed to Supreme Chaos Records. The album consists of ten songs and includes guest appearances the mighty Karl Sanders (Nile) and Jörgen Sandström. The songs are a bit faster and darker this time around and on the whole the album progresses nicely from what we offered two years ago on At the End the Dead Await. Stay tuned for further news!

Overtorture - A Trail of Death (2015)

1. Embrace the End
2. Mirrorkin (Guest vocals by Jörgen Sandström)
3. Deep Dark Darkness
4. Razor Twilight
5. A Trail of Death
6. The Night Sky
7. Primitive Impulse
8. Maggots in Her Heart
9. Slither Inside
10. To Rend the Flesh (Guest solo by Karl Sanders)

Mix, mastering & drum recording: Sverker Widgren – Wing Studios
Vocal recording: Tobias Sillman
Album cover: Henry Pyykkö a.k.a. MrDist – www.instagram.com/mrdist
Logo: Mark Riddick (RIDDICKART)
Layout: Michaela Barkensjö – Sinners Art

The recording has begun!

Today we’ll start tracking guitars for the upcoming album!
Many thx to Dr. Sillman for helping us with the set-up. Let the killing begin!

With Tobbe Sillman @ OVERTORTURE HQ

Overtorture - Guitar tracking 2014

2013 Comes to an end

New Years Eve is just around the corner. Looking back at the past year, 2013 was a damned good one as far as we are concerned. In January we commited our album debut, At the End the Dead Await, on Apostasy Records to awesome feedback. March saw OVERTORTURE performing live for the very first time, supporting none other than the legendary Hypocrisy.

We were then saddened to bid farewell to departing drummer and founding member Fredrik Widigs, but nevertheless managed to do a short tour of Germany in September, where we played with shitloads of kick-ass bands (including an opening gig for the great Nile, among others), met a bunch of cool people and had a general blast. We have not been resting on our laurels during the fall and early winter however, and you can expect some very exciting news at the start of 2014.

We would now like to thank each and every one who has supported OVERTORTURE during this past year, so to all who bought our album, bought the t-shirts, came to the shows, helped us out in any way or simply spread the word of mouth: THANK YOU and have a great new year!

/Magnus, Joel, Andreas and Jocke


”At the End the Dead Await” – One of 2013’s best metal albums according to Andreas Jakobsson of Sweden Rock Magazine!

Andreas Jakobsson - SRM Årsbästalista 2013
















Another track from ”At the End the Dead Await” online!

Here is Slaves to the Atom, one of our favorite tracks from At the End the Dead Await and we hope you dig it as well!

Slaves to the Atom T-shirts available for only 10€ via our online store!

T-shirts are also availble via our label Apostasy Records.

Feel free to share and thx for your support!

– Mix & Mastering by Ola Englund
– Recorded by Magnus Martinsson, Susanne Martinsson & Fredrik Widigs
– Artwork by Gustav Germann

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