We are extremely happy to announce that we’ll be releasing our second album, titled  A Trail of Death on March 6th via Apostasy Records. Vinyl licensed to Supreme Chaos Records. The album consists of ten songs and includes guest appearances the mighty Karl Sanders (Nile) and Jörgen Sandström. The songs are a bit faster and darker this time around and on the whole the album progresses nicely from what we offered two years ago on At the End the Dead Await. Stay tuned for further news!

Overtorture - A Trail of Death (2015)

1. Embrace the End
2. Mirrorkin (Guest vocals by Jörgen Sandström)
3. Deep Dark Darkness
4. Razor Twilight
5. A Trail of Death
6. The Night Sky
7. Primitive Impulse
8. Maggots in Her Heart
9. Slither Inside
10. To Rend the Flesh (Guest solo by Karl Sanders)

Mix, mastering & drum recording: Sverker Widgren – Wing Studios
Vocal recording: Tobias Sillman
Album cover: Henry Pyykkö a.k.a. MrDist – www.instagram.com/mrdist
Logo: Mark Riddick (RIDDICKART)
Layout: Michaela Barkensjö – Sinners Art